Lagowski redesine

Redesine’s shimmering electronics from 2009’s download with four additional sources for this compact edition courtesy of the Polish Zoharum label. It’s a glowing circulatory world where percussive momentum is often maintained through driving multi-levelled sequences and resonant pulses. Glimmers of past Industrial flavours marry techno-inductions and heady tribal ceremonies. The groundswell of soundscapes here could easily find a home on shelves laden with the more intelligent of Bill Leeb’s Delerium output before commercial saturation point was reached with that particular project. Personally here Andrew’s subtle use of voice samples is a heavy and welcome feature for me as over the years the never-ending pile of faceless electronica being expelled in the name of creativity (mainly bland or just plain bad) has made me somewhat cold to much of the soulless mass of switchery-pokery. This album as with all Lagowski’s work is so very far from being soulless. From ‘Skylanes ’ deep cosmic roll, on through the hard glitch twitch of ‘WM32c_07’ and the high movement of ‘From Without ’ Redesine+ offers variety and constant hooks within an array of electronica forms. For anyone who may not know Andrew’s vast catalogue this may just be an ideal start-point…

NAZWA: Zoharum
MIASTO: Gdańsk

The new Lagowski album is available from the following link ‘Redesine’. This is a download-only release, but the downloads can be of CD quality should you desire ...

Lagowski RedesineLagowski RedesineLagowski RedesineLagowski Redesine