The hues corporation not so shabby

The group's name was a pun on the Howard Hughes Corporation , with the 'hue' (a synonym of ' color '), being a nod to the group members' African-American heritage. The band's members were St. Clair Lee (born Bernard St. Clair Lee, April 24, 1944, San Francisco , California; died 2011), Fleming Williams (born 1943, Flint , Michigan ; died 1992) [2] and Hubert Ann Kelley (born 24 April 1947, Fairfield , Alabama ). [3] The original choice for the group's name was The Children of Howard Hughes , which their record label turned down.

The song features a lead vocal by Fleming Williams , who left The Hues Corporation shortly after the song was recorded. According to The Billboard Book of Number One Hits by Fred Bronson , the lone female member of the group, H. Ann Kelly, had originally been pegged to sing lead, but this idea was discarded out of fear that groups with female lead singers were less commercially viable. The bass player on the session was Wilton Felder, not James Jamerson as previously reported. The drummer on the session who inadvertently brought the concept of using that Cumbria beat to the song was Bobby Perez, session drummer (former Ludwig endorser) from Los Angeles and New York. Prior to that recording session the song had a completely different rhythm.

The Hues Corporation Not So ShabbyThe Hues Corporation Not So ShabbyThe Hues Corporation Not So ShabbyThe Hues Corporation Not So Shabby